What Are the Best Types of Milk Goats?


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The Alpine breed is recognized as the leading breed for milk production, but milk production varies as much between goats as it does between breeds. Saanen is the second most popular breed, reputedly producing large quantities of milk.

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Alpines have a straight face, erect ears and can be any color except white or light brown with white markings. Saanens are white or light cream and have a straight or concave face with erect ears. They are the largest of the breeds and have a large udder capacity. Sables are Saanens that are not white or light cream. Nubians are easily identified by their long droopy ears and convex nose. They generally produce milk higher in protein and butterfat. They have a tendency to be stubborn and have a distinct sound.

Nigerian Dwarfs are a miniature breed and have a straight or slightly concave face with medium length, erect ears. They produce milk that has an extremely high butterfat content. Toggenburgs range from light fawn to dark brown in color and have white on the ears, two stripes on the face, lower legs and side of the tail. They are average milk producers and are known to be less docile than other milk goats. LaManchas appear to be earless due to their extremely small ears. They can be any color, are small and usually are docile.

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