What Types of Jellyfish Are in Florida?

Types of jellyfish in Florida include the moon jellyfish, the cannonball jellyfish, the sea nettle and the box jellyfish. Other jellyfish include the mushroom jelly. The Portuguese man-of-war isn't really a jellyfish, but looks and stings like one.

The blue button is, like the man-of-war, a composite animal. It's made of a hard, brownish float and a hydroid colony that surrounds it like rays of blue tentacles. The by-the-wind-sailor is also a colony of animals instead of one organism.

The moon jellyfish is often delicately colored and ranges between about 2 and 16 inches in size. The gonads can be seen through the translucent bell. Moon jellies feed on zooplankton and are abundant.

The cannonball jellyfish is a small jellyfish that's only about 5 inches wide. It has a heavy, round bell and arms instead of tentacles. It lives from three to six months but reproduces abundantly during that time.

The mushroom jellyfish is, as its name implies, shaped like a mushroom, with a cap and something like a stalk to which are attached eight arms. These arms, in turn, have fingers. The mushroom jellyfish can grow as large as 20 inches in diameter. Its sting is mild, and it's considered a delicacy in Asian cuisine.