What Types of GPS Tracking Devices Are Available for Cats?


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Cat tracking collars typically use a combination of GPS and network signals to track cats, which usually requires a subscription fee and may be limited by network reception. However, the other type of pet-tracking GPS collars, which use a combination of GPS and radio signals, are often too heavy for cats and may have limited range.

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Cats are small and can slip out of collars easily, so the best GPS tracking devices have to be small as well. GPS devices that use radio signals are limited in how small they can get by the need for a radio receiver and broadcaster. GPS devices that use network connections work similarly to cellphones and communicate with cell towers in the area. These devices are often more useful for owners because they come with software for owners to track their pets.

Some GPS devices are designed for all animals, but Pawtrack makes a collar specifically for cats. It is a lightweight safety collar to help keep the cat from getting injured if it gets caught in something. It also works with Wi-Fi to save the battery and is rechargeable. Other popular units suitable for small pets include the Garmin GTU 10 and the Loc8tor GPS Tracker.

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