What Are Some Types of Freshwater Fish?


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Species of freshwater fish that inhabit North American waterways include the channel catfish, rainbow trout, northern pike, coho salmon and largemouth bass. Two unusually large freshwater species are the paddlefish and the lake sturgeon. Some of these species are popular targets for both recreational anglers and professional fish harvesters.

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Channel catfish are one of several species of catfish that inhabit lakes and rivers. Channel catfish are frequently bottom feeders, and use their cat-like barbels to feel around a stream bed for leeches, clams, snails, amphibians and other food items, and also pursue food on the water's surface. They do most of their hunting at night. The rest of the time they can be found hiding under rocks and logs in stream and lake beds.

Though originating along the Pacific coast and waterways among the Rocky Mountains, the rainbow trout has made its way to bodies of water in other regions North America, and even on other continents. Coho salmon likewise call the Pacific coast home, in addition to along parts of Asia.

Largemouth bass are a favorite of anglers in many places, most likely both because of the fish's widespread presence as well as its susceptibility to bait. The northern pike also makes the list of angler targets, including that of ice fisherman.

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