What Are Some Types of Exotic Pets?


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Some common types of exotic pets include frogs, snakes, lizards, turtles and ferrets. Other exotic animals sometimes kept as pets in homes include chinchillas, sugar gliders, hermit crabs, hedgehogs and tarantulas. Larger exotic animals such as alpacas and nondomestic big cats are sometimes kept as pets in outdoor cages or enclosures.

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Popular snake species often kept as exotic pets include corn snakes, boa constrictors and ball pythons. People who choose lizards as pets often get green anoles, chameleons, geckos, bearded dragons or iguanas, while people who like turtles can choose from red-eared sliders, Eastern box turtles and Hermann's tortoises. African clawed frogs, American green tree frogs and fire bellied newts are some amphibians people keep as exotic pets.

Exotic pet laws vary by state, with some states allowing unrestricted ownership of all types of animals and others regulating which types are allowed or forbidden in the state. Separate laws may apply to breeders and sellers of exotic pets. Some species cannot be imported into the United States.

The care, feeding and veterinary costs of exotic pets are typically more than the costs of owning traditional pets such as cats or dogs. Because they are not domesticated, exotic pets tend to resist training.

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