What Types of Dogs Don't Shed?

types-dogs-don-t-shed Credit: Carolyn Hebbard/Moment/Getty Images

Some dogs that do not shed include the Irish water spaniel, the Bouvier des Flandres, the poodle, the Hungarian puli and the Komondor. Giant schnauzers, Portuguese water dogs and black Russian terriers are the dogs within the working group which do not shed. Dogs which do not shed include species in the American Kennel Club's sporting dog, herding dog, non-sporting dog, working dog, toy, terrier and miscellaneous groups of dogs.

Dogs of all sizes have been bred to not shed at all or to shed only in small amounts. However, these dogs are not necessarily hypoallergenic; people with allergies considering one of these breeds should contact a vet regarding possible allergic reactions.

In the non-sporting group, the bichon frisé, Lhasa apso, Mexican hairless and Tibetan terriers do not shed. Members of the toy group which do not shed are the Bolognese, the Chinese crested, the coton de Tulear, the Havanese, the Maltese, the toy poodle, the shih tzu and the Yorkshire terrier. Within the terrier group, Miniature Schnauzers, Bedlington terriers, Dandie Dinmont terriers, Glen of Imaal terriers, Sealyham terriers, and soft-coated wheaten terriers do not shed. Lagotto Romagnolos and Spanish water dogs are some dogs from the miscellaneous group that do not shed.