What Types of Different Octopuses Are There?

There are approximately 300 different octopuses in the world today including the greater blue-ringed octopus and the common octopus. Scientists are finding more and more that studies show octopuses as sentient beings.

Out of the approximately 300 species of octopuses in the world, there are two types that every species falls within: the finless, shallow-water octopuses and the finned, deep-sea octopuses. These two groups of octopuses live in different areas of the ocean. Those that live in the shallow area of the water live in coral reels and those that live in the deep sea live miles under the surface of the ocean. All octopuses live in tropical or mildly warm ocean water.

The scientific name for the octopus is "Octopoda." They are invertebrates and eat other animals. Most octopus species only live to be one or two years old in the wild. They are highly flexible creature and can move their eight arms in many different directions at once. They can also bend, flex and rotate their appendages with ease.

The octopuses have also been singled out by scientists amongst their fellow invertebrates as being the first of the class that can successfully use tools. The octopus will use rocks to crack open animals and shells found on the ocean floor as a means to hide from dangerous predators.