What Are Some Types of Coonhounds?


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Types of coonhounds include the Black and Tan, Redbone, American Leopard, English, Blue-Tick, Treeing Walker and the Plott Hound. Most coonhounds were originally mixes of foxhounds and other European hunting dogs. These hunting dogs are driven to pursue prey.

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What Are Some Types of Coonhounds?
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In general coonhounds are gentle, calm and friendly. The Black and Tan was the first coonhound accepted into the American Kennel Club. Redbones have outstanding balance. The ancestors of American Leopards likely crossed the Atlantic with Spanish conquistadors. George Washington imported English coonhounds. Blue-Ticks are known for their cold noses. Treeing Walkers display exceptional speed. Plott hounds were initially used for boar hunting in Germany.

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