What Are the Types of Conures?

What Are the Types of Conures?

Types of conures include aratinga conures like the blue-crowned conure, the cherry-headed conure, the Jenday and Nanday conures, the mitred conure, the sun conure and the peach-fronted conure. Pyrrhura conures include the black-capped conure, the blue-throated conure, the crimson-belled conure and the maroon-belled conure.

These birds are native to South America, southern Mexico and the Caribbean. They have a wide range of colorations, though green and yellow are predominate. The sun conure is noted for its orange and deep golden plumage when it matures. Some breeders believe they are the same species as the Jenday conure, whose coloration is similar.

Breeders consider the aratinga type of conure to be too raucous for apartment living, though the pyrrhura is generally quieter. The green-cheeked conure is considered quiet enough to live in an apartment and is a good bird for an inexperienced conure owner.

In general, conures are playful, acrobatic and amusing and can be affectionate. They can be trained to talk but don't learn with alacrity. They also require a substantial amount of interaction with their owners.

Conures need to be fed the diet of medium and large birds, which consists of fruit, grains and vegetables. The lifespan of a pet conure is between 20 and 40 years.