What Types of Animals Live in Wetlands?


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Types of animals that live in wetlands include mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and marine animals. Most of the animals have specialized adaptations for living in the moist area and depend on the wet environment for their survival.

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Because it links land and water, the wetland is one of the most productive ecosystems and is a natural habitat for many species of migratory birds that rely on the wetland to nest, raise their young and feed on a variety of insects. Some birds, such as ducks, use the wetland ecosystem as a permanent home and feeding ground throughout their life cycle.

Amphibians like toads, newts, salamanders and frogs feed on the wide variety of worms and insects that thrive in the wetland. They use the diverse ecosystem to feed, lay eggs and hide from predators that may attack them. Reptiles, such as snakes and turtles, prey on these smaller amphibians and other animals. While snakes spend most of their day on dry land, some species, such as the swamp snake and red-bellied black snake, fare best on heavily vegetated wetlands because of the abundance of amphibians in these areas.

Many mammals make their homes around the wetlands, including beavers and river otters. Beavers are instrumental in making a productive wetland by creating dams in shallow streams. They build their lodges or homes from mud, dead logs, sticks and twigs, which eventually become food for insects.

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