What Type of Stores Sell Antlers?


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Antlers are available for sale at the DeerAntlerStore.com and Antlers-For-Sale.com. The DeerAntlerStore.com sells a wide variety of antlers and antler crafts and items such as clocks, chandeliers, canes and walking sticks. Site visitors can access antlers from moose, elk, white tailed deer, mule deer and caribou. Each set of antlers listed features a photo and description.

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The DeerAntlerStore.com also hosts information about antlers such as how to use them in a rustic decor, understanding antler growth and development, simple ways to store antlers, and valuation and price. The site also hosts a photo gallery and a frequently asked questions section that offers information and facts on each type of antlers.

Antlers-For-Sale.com features antlers and antler products such as furniture, lighting fixtures and pens. The site also offers articles on antler growth and how to mount them for home decor. Site visitors can access an inventory that includes antlers from deer, elk and caribou and can search by type or product.

Only the males of a species grow antlers, with the exception of caribou, wherein females also have them. This may be attributed to the fact that caribou must forage under snow-covered ground, and antlers are a vital tool in their search for food. Deer usually shed their antlers in the late winter to early spring. Their shedding is linked to stress, mating conditions and lack of food. Moose possess the largest and most complex set of antlers, which they use to amplify sound and hear predators from distances of over a mile.

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