What Type of Rabbits Make the Best Pets?


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Most rabbits make good pets, but the website Just Rabbits picks out the Sussex, the Dutch bunny and the Himalayan as good pets. These rabbits are generally friendly and easygoing.

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What Type of Rabbits Make the Best Pets?
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The Sussex is a fairly new breed that resembles a teddy bear in both looks and temperament. They are friendly and interactive and enjoy spending time with people. The Sussex is medium to large in size and gentle and affectionate.

Dutch bunnies have calm dispositions and are inquisitive and friendly. They have a characteristic two-toned color. Dutch bunnies are good-natured, intelligent and lively. They live for five or more years.

The Himalayan is a small rabbit with a calm and gentle nature. This breed is social and friendly. They enjoy being held and are not known to scratch or bite, making them an excellent choice for children.

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