What Type of Personality Does a Ragdoll Cat Have?


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Ragdoll cats are calm, laid-back cats that are gentle and relaxed. Also called puppy cats, this breed has some traits typically associated with dogs, such as an interest in water and a love of fetching.

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What Type of Personality Does a Ragdoll Cat Have?
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Like dogs, Ragdolls typically come when they are called and stay close to their owners. They follow their owners around, greet them and cuddle with them. Unlike most domestic cats, this breed prefers staying on the floor or other low areas instead of heading for the rafters. Ragdolls are not aggressive cats, and they rarely use their claws. This breed is also very trusting.

It can take four years for a Ragdoll to fully grow, and they can weight as much as 20 pounds. Though Ragdolls are born white, throughout their long growth cycle, many of them develop other colors of fur. A Ragdoll's fur is long and silky, and they have no undercoat. This means that these cats shed much less than other breeds with long hair. The reduced shedding also reduces risk of painful, dirty matting gathering in the hair, so they are a good option for inexperienced or busy pet owners who either don't have time or don't know how to groom a cat.

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