What Type of Organizations Offer Free Baby Goats?


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Some organizations that give free baby goats to low-income families include Heifer International and World Vision. These organizations are charities that provide families in developing nations with farm animals to help provide themselves with a livelihood and food for the family.

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Organizations that give animals, like baby goats, to people free may do so as part of a graduation program. Such programs are designed to help lift families out of poverty with a combination of food assistance, training, coaching, healthcare and farm animals or another way of making a living, according to Bloomberg. These programs do seem to help recipients with a better quality of life, but may not lift them completely out of poverty.

World Vision and Heifer accept donations from individuals for the purpose of purchasing farm animals to provide to recipients. The organizations even show how much each donation can buy. For instance, a donation of $100 to World Vision can purchase a goat and two chickens, or a donation of $150 provides two goats. The organization provides families with education and training on how to take care of their new animals.

Other organizations that provide farm animals to low-income communities and families are Trickle Up and the BOMA Project.

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