What Type of Mites Are White?


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White mites are spider mites. An individual can usually find them on plants, but they can also make their way indoors. These mites cause a lot of destruction to plants and vegetation in and around the home. Since they are small and light in color, they can be difficult to see.

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There are a number of ways to get rid of white mites. One way is to use neem oil, which comes from neem tree seeds. This is a natural product that not only removes the mites, but it also prevents them. Neem oil is safe for plants when applying it correctly. Before spraying products with neem oil on the plants, the individual must remove the plants from direct light for at least five hours.

Another product to use to get rid of white mites is AzaMax. This is a natural product that does not harm the plants, and a person can even apply it on the same day the harvesting of fruits or vegetables occur. This product starves the mites and disrupts the growth process.

For those who want an organic solution for spider mites, Spinosad is a good option as it is organic and works quickly. A homeowner can apply Spinosad to fruit trees, garden vegetables, ornamental plants and lawns. It works in about two days to eradicate the mites.

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