What Type of Diet Should a Dog With Diabetes Consume?


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Diabetic dogs need to eat a high-fiber, low-fat diet and drink plenty of water, states WebMD. Veterinarians advise carefully monitoring a dog's food intake to ensure healthy weight maintenance.

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What Type of Diet Should a Dog With Diabetes Consume?
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Dogs with diabetes need food that is low in sugar and carbohydrates. High-fiber foods make a dog feel full, and steering clear of fat helps manage weight. Canned, wet dog foods typically contain unhealthy additives and exacerbate diabetes symptoms, claims WebMD. Owners of diabetic dogs should look for a natural, additive-free, store-bought dry dog food or request a prescription food from a veterinarian.

Timing of meals is as important as food type for dogs that cannot regulate their own blood sugar. A diabetic dog may need to eat more often and receive insulin at precise intervals, notes WebMD. Veterinarians determine the appropriate eating schedule based on a dog's individual health and the severity of diabetes.

It is dangerous to administer insulin to a dog with an empty stomach, so it is important to manage a diabetic dog's food intake. However, some dogs with diabetes have complications that make them not want to eat. Dog owners can alleviate symptoms of upset stomach or satisfy a diabetic dog that refuses to eat by offering homemade dog food consisting of dehydrated meat, steamed vegetables or scrambled eggs, advises WebMD.

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