What Type of Beekeeping Products Does Mann Lake LTD Sell?


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Mann Lake Ltd. sells beehives, protective equipment for beekeepers, smokers, and beekeeper hand tools. The company also offers literature about beekeeping and beekeeping starter kits that include everything a new beekeeper needs to get started except the bees.

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Mann Lake sells beehives and hive accessories. Each of Mann Lake's complete hive kits includes a hive body, 8 to 10 frames, a telescoping cover and a bottom board. The company sells all these components individually as well. Mann Lake also sells specialized paints that are safe to use on hives.

For beekeepers, Mann Lake offers full protective gear including suits, hats, veils, gloves and gaiters. The company also sells a range of hand tools and power tools for beekeepers to use while repairing and tending to hives. For the bees, Mann Lake offers feeders and a variety of feeds including liquids, stimulants, yeasts, and pollen substitutes. The company also sells different medications to help maintain hive health.

Mann Lake has a wide selection of books for beekeeper education including beginners guides to beekeeping, references for more advanced beekeepers, bee health guides and references about how to cure common health issues. Other books include information about producing honey and using it for health and food products.

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