What Are Some Twin Cat Names?


Naming twin kittens can be a lot of fun as you explore the different rhyming names that are out there like Lillie and Tillie. However, more interesting combinations can be found when exploring non-rhyming names that represent classic duos such as Batman and Robin or Thelma and Louise, according to Kitten Names.

Taking into account your favorite movies or books is a great way to explore different options. Some of the first examples include Kermit and Ms.Piggy, Ren and Stimpy, Cheech and Chong, Lewis and Clark and Rocky and Bulllwinkle.

Remember when picking the names out for the young kittens it is always best to migrate toward two names that have a strong difference in the way they sound when you say them. The two twin kittens need to be able to distinguish their names. Beyond that, feel free to completely explore options. You could try using politicians that ran against each other, Bush and Obama. You could also explore famous philosophers like Plato and Socrates. Even some of your favorite foods could become cute names for twin kitties. Think of things like Ketchup and Mustard, Jelly and Jam or even Apples and Oranges. Naming your pet is a fun way to express your unique relationship with your new family member.