What Are Tuxedo Cat Personality Traits?

The tuxedo cat refers to a coat pattern found on certain cats that resembles men's formal tuxedo attire. Although the tuxedo cat is not a particular cat breed, this coat pattern can be found on certain breeds more commonly than others; therefore, a tuxedo cat's personality varies widely and its temperament depends largely on which breed it belongs to.

The tuxedo cat's color pattern can be found in the following breeds of purebred cats: Scottish Fold cats, Manx cats, British and American short-haired cats, Siberian cats, Persian cats, Exotic short-haired cats and Oriental short haired cats.

Scottish Fold cats are very sweet, mild-mannered, and get along fabulously with children. Manx cats are active and friendly; they get along well with children and strangers making for a perfect family cat. British short-haired cats are calm and independent. They are not very active and do not seem to mind being left alone for long periods of time. American short-haired cats, like the British short-haired cats, do not mind being alone, but are more active and enjoy being outdoors.

Siberian cats are very active and tend to get along well with children and dogs. Persian cats are a very popular breed and are calm and sweet, but not very active. Finally, the Exotic short-haired tends to be more playful than the other short-haired cat breeds. Some other exotic cat breeds that occasionally have the tuxedo color pattern are Munchkin cats, Sphynx cats, and more; these breeds have their own unique personality traits and temperaments, as well.