What Do Turtles Eat?


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Turtles eat foods that are readily available in their particular environment, some of which might include fish, bugs and vegetation, according to About.com. Because different types of turtles live in different environments, their food supplies vary greatly based on location.

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Turtles can reside in water or on land and adapt their eating habits to the type of environment they live in and what is available. Whether on land or at sea, turtles are not fast enough to be much of a predator because of their inherent lack of speed. This means they must get their nutrition from what is available, such as slow-moving fish, plants and bugs that might be around. Freshwater turtles, such as the snapping turtle, take the approach of ambush when it comes to finding food by having a shell that allows them to blend into the surroundings and hide in wait of fish that pass by, according to BioKids. Some turtles, typically of the tortoise group, eat fruits that fall from trees. Tortoises are a type of turtle that live on land and, as such, their bodies have evolved to be able to handle their needs. Dessert tortoises are built to store water in their shells so that they do not dehydrate in the sun-baked terrain. Turtle food is as diverse as the types of turtles and their respective environments.

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