What Is a Turtle Starter Kit?

What Is a Turtle Starter Kit?

A turtle starter kit provides everything a person adopting a turtle as a pet needs. Major providers of these kits include Zoo Med, Zilla Products and Reptihabitat, and their turtle starter kits are available from pet supply stores and online sources.

The Zoo Med turtle starter kit includes a 40-gallon waterproof tank with sliding screen top, turtle dock, lamp, UVB fluorescent bulb and fixture to provide heat for the turtle, terrarium hood, turtle care booklet, water conditioner and turtle food sampler. The company website provides a video that guides users in setting up the tank and accessories.

The Zilla turtle starter kit includes a 30-gallon tank with a screened cover, two light fixtures and bulbs, a filtration unit with a cartridge, a basking platform, terrarium plants, water conditioner, turtle food and a booklet that provides instructions on setup of the tank and turtle care.

The Reptihabitat starter turtle kit includes a 20-gallon tank with a sliding screen top, lamp fixtures, UVB and halogen lamps, a terrarium hood, turtle food, turtle dock, water conditioner, a filter, a thermometer, jumbo red shrimp and two turtle bones. A booklet on turtle care is included also.

Tetrafauna offers a 10-gallon, screened reptile aquarium starter kit that is appropriate for turtles. It includes a heat lamp, basking platform and filtration unit, but the kit is only available from pet supply retailers.