Are Turkeys Omnivores, Carnivores or Herbivores?

turkeys-omnivores-carnivores-herbivores Credit: Dawn/CC-BY-2.0

Turkeys are omnivores that usually forage for food on the forest floor or in the swamp or grasslands, depending on where they live. Generally, wild turkeys are opportunistic eaters and will feed on seeds, insects, nuts, fruits and the occasional salamander.

Wild turkeys are always foraging and will eat an array of nuts if they are available, including beech nuts, hickory nuts and acorns, as well as seeds and grains, including wheat and corn. Fruits like crab apples, wild grapes and berries appeal to the turkey, as do fleshy plant parts, like bulbs, roots and buds. Turkeys will eat salamanders and other amphibians if they find them, and their menu also includes worms, slugs, snails and snakes. The diet of the domestic turkey is much different; most domestic turkeys are fed commercial feed.