What Is a Trimac Cicihlid?


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A trimac cichlid is a large aquarium fish usually found in the rivers and lakes of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and other Central American countries. The scientific name for this species is Amphilophus trimaculatum, and it is also called a three-spot cichlid, or a tri-spot cichlid.

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These fish can grow up to 14 inches in length, so they are large for an aquarium fish. They require a tank size of at least 75 gallons if they are kept in captivity. Trimac cichlids are also very aggressive in nature, so they must be kept with other large cichlids or catfish.

Physically, trimac cichlids are easily distinguished from other fish by the three spots that they have on either side of the head and by a red spot behind their gills. They are green or yellow in color with black spots. These fish are omnivores.

Males of the species are larger than females. They have a larger red spot and fins that are more pointed. They also often have a hump on the back.

This species was used to breed a lower-grade species of fish known as flowerhorns. Trimac cichlids look very similar to these flowerhorns, and the two species are often confused.

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