What are some tricks for training a Boston Terrier?


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When training Boston Terriers, it helps to employ positive reinforcement training. The breed does not respond well to harsh training methods due to its sensitive nature. Boston Terriers should be trained with a firm, confident voice on a consistent schedule.

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According to The Nest, Boston Terriers are very intelligent and respond well to a regimented training routine that mentally stimulates them and provides them with challenges. It helps for an owner to create a daily training schedule that incorporates multiple small blocks of time each day dedicated to the dog's development. Training sessions should be kept short and interesting to maintain the dog's attention without overwhelming it.

An owner should begin by teaching the dog basic commands, such as "sit," "stay," "lie down," "come" and "fetch." Single-world commands are easiest for dogs to understand. Words for commands shouldn't be changed once they've been introduced. Positive reinforcement training helps Boston Terriers keep a positive attitude by rewarding them for their good behavior and essentially ignoring their bad behavior. This approach avoids the use of scolding and teaches the dog that bad behaviors won't be compensated with treats, praise, toys or petting. An owner should never yell at a dog or punish it during training.

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