What Are Some Facts About Treeing Feists?


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Treeing Feists, also called Mountain Feists, are dogs particularly known for their ability to climb trees, and they have historically been used for hunting. They are recognized as squirrel dogs because of their keen senses of sight, smell and hearing, giving them an excellent advantage in pursuing squirrels. Feists are companion and guard dogs that have a strong desire to please and protect their masters. They are said to be especially great companions for children and elderly people.

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Treeing Feists are small dogs with a height of 10 to 22 inches and weight reaching 10 to 30 pounds. They are high energy dogs that need long walks or jogs daily when they are not hunting. They have short, smooth fur and are among the terrier group. Feists like to be beside or behind their masters when on a lead, not in front. The human must be the leader in a Feist's eyes, and not the other way around.

The southern regions of the United States, especially around the Ozark Mountain and Southern Appalachian regions, are where most Treeing Feists are located. Although they are mostly known for hunting now, Feists were popular farm working dogs at one time. They are quick learners and respond easily to commands.

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