What Are Some Facts About Tree Kangaroos?


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Some facts about tree kangaroos are that these animals live only in the Australian and Guinea rain forests, are endangered and leap large distances. They jump to the ground from trees up to 60 feet high.

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Tree kangaroos are related to kangaroos, but they boast much stronger arms that help them climb trees, where they spend the majority of their lives. They primarily feed on leaves and fruit, but they also eat eggs, baby birds, bark, flowers and sap.

Like kangaroos, tree kangaroos are marsupials with pouches where their young live for up to 10 months until they become fully developed. The joey, or young tree kangaroo, starts to leave the pouch at eight months, returning to nurse for the next five months. By the time the joey reaches 18 months, he leaves his mother. These animals are very solitary after this initial period. Although males mate with more than one female, females don't nest with males, and they remain independent.

Tree kangaroos are endangered animals. Because these animals have such a small range, habitat loss is a major threat, caused by logging and converting rain forests to farmland. Another threat to the tree kangaroo is being hunted as food.

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