What Are Some Treatments for Warbles in a Cat?


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Treatment of warbles in a cat involves removing larvae from the affected area by careful dissection and cleaning it. To treat secondary infections, a veterinarian administers antibiotics through an injection, says the Companion Animal Parasite Council, or CAPC. Treatment for mature bots that appear in cysts requires prying open the cysts and extracting the warbles using forceps. Individuals should be cautious to avoid the risk or re-infection in case they crush the bots during removal.

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Surgical extraction helps remove larvae present on soft tissue around the mouth, eyes or nasal sinuses. When the larvae infect the spine or brain, removal is often unsuccessful and cat owners should control infestations of warbles using topical insecticides such as fipronil, or certain organic compounds to curb larvae migration, notes CAPC.

Steroid hormones eliminate lung manifestations of the parasite, and to kill migrating maggots, veterinarians use anti-parasitic medication, reports PetMD. Reports indicate the administration of ivermectin is effective in controlling larvae during the migratory state, and its combination with corticosteroids offers relief to cats with warble-related respiratory disease, according CAPC.

To remove bots situated under the skin, veterinarians recommend surgery, reports the Voluntary Care Animal Hospitals. Complete resolution occurs in cases of minimal warble infections, and few side effects occur. However, multiple infestations worsen the prognosis.

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