What Are the Treatments for a Cut on a Dog’s Paw Pad?

The treatments for a cut on a dog’s paw pad include rinsing the area with cool water, removing any pieces of debris and using an antibacterial solution or ointment. The best way to prevent cuts on a dog’s paw pad is to keep the dog away from hot and rough surfaces, such as concrete, sand or rock, that can easily puncture the paw pad or cause discomfort in hot weather.

Antibacterial ointments can help to speed up healing. Once the antibacterial ointments are placed on the paw pad, the owner will need to wrap the paw with a nonstick dressing pad and vet wrap. If vet wrap is unavailable, try using an elastic bandage. Wrapping the wound makes it more likely that the wound will heal without any infections.

For serious wounds with bleeding that does not stop or with lacerations that are deep, the owner should bring the dog into its veterinarian for proper treatment. Unlike the skin on a dog, the footpads will not heal on their own if the cut is too deep and trying to force the pad to heal will only result in further complications and in some cases, life-threatening complications if the bleeding is too severe.