What Is the Best Treatment to Get Rid of Dog Mites?

treatment-rid-dog-mites Credit: Laures/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The best way to get rid of dog mites is a series of treatments that involves cleaning bedding and rugs, bathing all pets including the dog with the mites, rinsing with lime-sulfur or insecticide and taking oral medications. Some dogs with longer coats may also need to have their coats trimmed to a shorter length to discourage mites from re-nesting.

One of the most important aspects of treatment is remembering to treat all of the dogs and cats in the home. All animals should be bathed, and all of the animal bedding as well as rugs and other home furniture items should be cleaned. Mites can live as long as 10 days on their own without their host animal, so it is important to clean each item every few days. The pets should be bathed up to eight times each week.

To determine whether or not a dog has mites, the dog will need to visit the veterinarian's office. Veterinarians will look at the dog's skin and take samples so that they can determine if there are mites present or not. They may also choose to look at a stool sample. Veterinarians might also prescribe oral medications that can help with the mites if the condition is severe.