What Is the Treatment for a Dog's Itchy Skin?


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If the cause of the itching is simply dry skin, this can be remedied by switching from dry foods to moist foods and adding some probiotics to the dog's meals. If allergies are the cause of the itching, fish oils and antihistamines can help.

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What Is the Treatment for a Dog's Itchy Skin?
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Dry skin is one of the leading causes of itching in dogs, and can commonly be identified by the dandruff on a dog's coat. Dogs who live in low humidity areas of the world are often afflicted with dry skin. Diet also plays a major role in preventing dry skin, as most commercial dry foods are lacking in moisture and the oils needed for skin health. Thus switching to a wet food improves skin health. Probiotics promote a healthy digestive tract, which can better absorb essential nutrients from food. If the dog is groomed, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and be sure not to dry the dog with hot air.

Allergies are the second leading cause of itching in dogs, which is characterized by greasy or dry skin and is commonly accompanied by gnawing. Allergies are difficult to cure, but symptoms can be managed easily if identified early. Switching to a higher quality food can significantly aid in reducing symptoms. Probiotics may have a preventative effect on allergies, as studies have linked supplementation with high quality cultures with lower risk of allergies. Flax seed milk and fish oils may aid in reducing the symptoms of allergy, but severe cases can require high-grade pharmaceuticals and antihistamines.

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