What Is a Treatment for Dog Ear Mites?


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Ear mites in dogs are typically treated with parasitic medications prescribed by a veterinarian. These medications will either be applied directly in the dog's ear or straight onto the skin. In many cases, the dog will also be prescribed anti-inflammatory or antibiotic drugs to use in conjunction with the parasitic medications. A thorough ear cleansing preformed by a veterinarian may also be part of routine ear mite treatment.

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What Is a Treatment for Dog Ear Mites?
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The most common type of ear mites contracted by dogs are called Otodectes cynotis. These tiny mites are eight-legged parasites that are barely visible without the use of a magnifier. They find their way into a dogs ear to feed upon waxes and oils. Ear mites are highly contagious and are very easily spread between pets and also between cats and dogs. Ear mites are most commonly discovered when owners view their pets excessively scratching their ears, shaking their heads or see a dark-colored secretion or coffee-ground-like discharge coming from the dog's ears. The confirmation of the presence of ear mites is made by veterinarians through the aid of microscopic ear discharge evaluations. Ear mites in dogs can cause many complications including ear infections, ruptured blood vessels as a result of intense scratching and aural hematomas which generally require surgery to correct.

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