What Is the Treatment for Deworming a Dog?


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There are oral medications and shots that a vet can give a dog to deworm him, according to WebMD. Deworming medications are safe for dogs, and generally kill a wide range of parasites in addition to worms.

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What Is the Treatment for Deworming a Dog?
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Roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms and hookworms are a few of the types of worms that may invade a dog's intestines, explains WebMD. By checking a sample of the dog's stool, a veterinarian can verify the presence and type of worms. Blood tests show the presence of any heartworms which may infect the dog's heart, lungs or blood vessels. Heartworms may cause severe health problems for a dog, including death.

Worms are common in puppies, and it's recommended to start deworming them when they're two to three weeks old, reports WebMD. Both puppies and adult dogs require more than one dose. The first will kill the live worms that are present, and the second will kill those that hatch in the interim.

Treatment for heartworm is more serious and costly, advises WebMD. Blood work, X-rays and other tests are necessary to determine the severity of the condition. A veterinarian starts the dog on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications, and then follows up with several treatments with a type of poison made from arsenic. The dog will need plenty of rest and shouldn't be allowed to indulge in strenuous exercise in the following months as the worms die off. After the heartworms have completely died off, the dog will require annual testing and preventative medicine for the rest of his life.

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