How Do You Treat Skin Problems on Dogs?


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Four ways to treat skin problems on dogs are dog fasting, preventive dietary supplements, additional supplements after fasting and natural skin care around the afflicted area, explains Organic Pet Digest. If the skin condition gets worse or serious, consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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Dog fasting is a great way to initially address skin issues on a dog. This allows the dog's system to spend energy on healing the skin condition instead of digesting food. Dog fasting also imitates what a dog would do in the wild and gives the dog's body a chance to cleanse itself, says Organic Pet Digest.

If the fasting fails, supplement the dog's diet with cod liver oil, nutritional yeast or vitamins C and E for dogs. Other supplements that might help are granular lecithin and cold-pressed unsaturated vegetable oils, reports Organic Pet Digest. For dogs that are prone to skin conditions, preventive dietary supplements are helpful, such as horsetail, dandelion and spirulina.

Dogs that have specific areas of skin irritation may benefit from having the areas cleaned and treated directly, according to Organic Pet Digest. Clip away fur covering the afflicted areas and bathe the dog thoroughly with a mild soap. When the skin and fur are dry, cleanse the affected areas with black or green tea. After the irritated areas are properly cleansed, treat them with vitamin E oil or aloe vera juice extracted directly from the plant.

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