How Do You Treat Mange Mites in Guinea Pigs?

Mange mites in guinea pigs are eliminated with a medication called ivermectin. It is important for mange to be treated as quickly as possible, as it is potentially life threatening if left untreated. The condition is particularly dangerous for pregnant female guinea pigs.

Mange is a condition that affects the skin of guinea pigs. It is caused by a type of mite that burrows into the skin, causing itchiness. The guinea pig is forced to scratch itself, resulting in sores and a thin coat.

Treatment for mange mites is relatively simple as long as the condition is treated early. A vet can prescribe ivermectin to kill mites very quickly. Guinea pigs usually stop itching several hours after the drug is applied, although it may take longer for the wounds and scabs to heal.

Mites are highly contagious among guinea pigs. This means that if one guinea pig has the condition, all others in the same household should be treated simultaneously.

When a guinea pig is first infected with mites, there are often no symptoms. It can take several weeks for the first visible signs to appear, although sometimes mites live in a guinea pig's skin much longer than this before detection.