How Do You Treat an Injured Bird?

How Do You Treat an Injured Bird?

Treat an injured bird by handling it carefully, assessing its condition, treating its injuries and keeping it in a dark, secure place. You need a cardboard box and netting.

  1. Handle the injured bird carefully

    Handle the injured bird gently to avoid causing further injuries. Cup the bird in one or both hands, using your fingers as a restraint. Allow the bird's head to fit between two fingers.

  2. Examine the bird

    Examine the bird for life-threatening injuries, and take it to a veterinarian if necessary. Check the bird's breathing, and inspect it for blood. If the bird limps or drags its wings, it most likely has broken bones.

  3. Treat the bird

    Remove any obstacles blocking the bird's airway, and apply pressure to any bleeding wounds. Sprinkle open wounds with cornstarch to slow down the bleeding. For broken bones or more serious injuries, take the bird to a veterinarian.

  4. Place the bird in a dark box

    Once the bird is treated, place it in a dark, secure location. If you have a birdcage, keep the cage in a dimly lit room. Alternatively, cut a window in a cardboard box, cover the box with netting, and gently place the bird inside the box.