How Do You Treat Hair Loss in Dogs?


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Medication, diet change, antibiotics and antifungal medications are often used to treat hair loss in dogs, according to WebMD. Treatment varies depending on the cause of hair loss. Some common causes include allergies, Cushing’s disease, genetics and infections.

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How Do You Treat Hair Loss in Dogs?
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Some ingredients in dog food cause allergic reactions that lead to hair loss. If this is the case, the diet must be adjusted to eliminate these ingredients. Other allergens associated with hair loss are pollen, fleas and ticks. Topical and internal medications are often given for flea and tick allergies, says WebMD.

Cushing’s disease is known to cause hair loss in dogs. A veterinarian may prescribe medication to manage the disease and help with hair loss, indicates WebMD. Infections such as ringworm can trigger hair loss and usually require antibiotics or antifungal medications to treat the condition. In some cases, hives and rashes cause hair loss and may require emergency veterinary care.

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