How Do You Treat Fire Ant Bites on a Dog?

treat-fire-ant-bites-dog Credit: Image taken in Ontario, Canada/Moment Open/Getty Images

Fire ant bites on a dog can be treated with dabs of ammonia, followed by the application of a baking soda paste and regular washing with antibacterial soap, according to Gusto Dogs. These steps must be administered in a precise order to be effective in healing the bites.

As stated by Gusto Dogs, the first step is to move the dog away from the ant swarm and brush off all the remaining ants from the dog's coat, using fast, short strokes from top to bottom. The dog's face, belly, legs and paws should be brushed off first. Speed is of the essence, and if a brush is not handy, a towel, shirtsleeve or glove can be used. The dog should not be sprayed down with water, as that causes the remaining ants to bite down harder. Once the ants are removed, each bite should be dabbed with an ammonia-soaked cotton ball. Next, a paste of baking soda and water should be put onto each bite and left for 20 minutes. Afterwards, the dog should be bathed with antibacterial soap and have anti-itch cream applied after the bath. The dog should be observed for an allergic reaction and taken to the vet if the dog is in distress.