How Do You Treat Ear Mites in Cats?


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The most effective way to treat ear mites in cats is to apply medication prescribed by a veterinarian directly into the cat's ears, according to the ASPCA. Veterinarians can prescribe a variety of medications that work effectively at combating the mite problem, including parasite medications. If the cat's ears are infected, a veterinarian will clean out the ears and may prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication or an antibiotic to treat the infection.

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How Do You Treat Ear Mites in Cats?
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Even though the cat may begin to feel better in a short time after beginning the prescribed medications, it is important to continue giving the cat the medication until the treatment is complete to make sure the mite problem is completely resolved.

Some of the most common symptoms of ear mites in cats include scratching their ears, shaking their head, bumps in the ear canal that resemble coffee grounds and a build up of black crust on the outer ears, as noted by PetMD. One of the most effective ways to prevent cats from getting mites is to routinely clean their ears. Cleaning their ears on a regular basis will allow pet owners to catch a mite problem before the problem becomes severe. It is important for pet owners to bring their cat to a veterinarian as soon as they believe there might be a might problem to begin treatment as soon as possible.

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