How Do You Treat a Dog for Diarrhea Naturally at Home?

A dog that is suffering from diarrhea should be given nothing but water for 12 hours, according to PetMD; after that, it should be fed bland, binding foods such as white rice. Additionally, a dog can be fed a small container of plain yogurt to restore balance in the stomach.

The key to stopping diarrhea in dogs is bland, binding food according to Dr. Ihor Basko, DVM. A dog that is suffering from diarrhea should be fed plain white rice that is mixed with either canned coconut milk or that is made with salt-free chicken broth as recommended by PetCare Rx. The dog should consume this mixture every three to four hours, and the amount fed to the dog is proportionate to its size. Dr. Basko recommends that when the diarrhea begins to subside, boiled chicken or beef be added to the rice.

The bacteria in yogurt can benefit a dog and restore balance in the dog's stomach. Depending the dog's size, it can be fed a small six-ounce container of plain yogurt once a day to calm an upset stomach as stated by PetCare Rx. The yogurt can even mixed with the rice or a dog's regular dry food if the dog is prone to upset stomachs and diarrhea. However, if a dog suffers from chronic diarrhea or if the attacks are severe, the dog should be immediately check by a veterinarian for the possibility of allergies, parasites, bacteria infections, tumors,or other more serious conditions.