How Do You Treat Cat Mouth Sores?


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To treat cat mouth sores, visit a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and medication, feed the cat soft cat food and prevent further complications by brushing the cat’s teeth. Speak to a veterinarian about the proper foods to feed the cat to maintain good oral health.

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  1. Visit a veterinarian to diagnose the mouth sores

    There are many causes of mouth sores in cats, and each condition requires a unique treatment. Mouth sores due to the calicivirus are common and require treatment with antibiotics and pain medication prescribed by a veterinarian. Mouth sores due to dental complications may require dental cleaning and tooth extractions, followed by treatment with antibiotics, pain medication and home cleaning.

  2. Feed the cat soft cat food

    Cats often resist eating when they have mouth sores. If a cat refuses to eat dry cat food, feed it soft cat food or baby food made with broth and meat. Do not feed a cat baby food that includes ingredients other than broth and meat.

  3. Brush the cat’s teeth

    To get a cat used to having its teeth brushed, start by using your fingertip to massage the cat’s gums. Next, put a small amount of cat toothpaste on the cat’s lips to familiarize the cat with the flavor. Use a toothbrush designed for cats to gently scrub the teeth and gums. Ask a veterinarian about the appropriate foods to feed the cat to maintain oral health.

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