How Do I Treat a 6-Week-Old Puppy for Fleas?

Capstar, Sentinel and Revolution are flea treatment products that are safe for 6-week-old puppies, says PetMed Express. Capstar and Sentinel kill only mature fleas, while Revolution also kills flea eggs. Flea combs are an option for manually removing fleas on puppies of any age.

Capstar and Sentinel are pills, while Revolution is a topical treatment for fleas. Revolution has no minimum weight requirement for use as long as the puppy is at least 4 weeks old, explains PetMed Express. Only administer Capstar to puppies who are at least 4 weeks old and weigh more than 2 pounds. Sentinel dosage is based on body weight. Consult a veterinarian to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Besides medicated flea treatment products, owners can use flea combs and tweezers to remove adult fleas and flea dirt from puppies manually, states PetMed Express. Flea combs are available online and at pet stores. Metal flea combs are the most effective, claims Cesar Millan. Ensure the prongs of the comb penetrate the puppy's coat and reach the skin to remove both adult fleas and flea dirt, or the fecal matter of fleas. Cesar Millan advises keeping a bowl of soapy water next to the puppy while combing. Drop live fleas into the soapy water to prevent their escape or re-attachment to the puppy or owner.