How Do You Travel With a Cat?

How Do You Travel With a Cat?

Before traveling with a cat, talk to a veterinarian to determine if the destination is safe from diseases, whether the cat requires vaccinations and if the weather is suitable. Airlines require a health certificate within 10 days of a flight, and trips in vehicles require one within 30 days.

To travel, the cat needs a carrier. Choose one large enough to allow the cat to stretch and move. Place familiar blankets from home in the carrier, and ensure it offers plenty of ventilation.

Open the carrier at home, and encourage the cat to go inside it. Bring the cat in the carrier on a few car rides so she gets used to traveling. If the cat is going on an airplane, ensure the carrier is approved by the USDA, and inquire about the airline's pet policies before booking a flight.

Remember to bring the cat's medical and vaccination records, as well as her identification tags. For airline travel, rabies documentation is required. If driving, take routes on which emergency veterinarians are accessible, and check hotel policies before booking a stay.

Travel with necessary supplies, including food dishes, food, litter and a litter box, a scooper, toys, catnip and water. Bringing water from a familiar tap prevents the cat from getting sick due to a new water source. Attempt to keep the cat's feeding and bathroom habits as close to normal as possible.