How Do You Trap a Snake Humanely?


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To trap a snake humanely, hire a professional, purchase a snake trap, or trap the snake personally. Snake traps are available for purchase online or in local hardware stores.

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How Do You Trap a Snake Humanely?
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If you are uncomfortable personally handling a snake in any way, hire a professional to remove the snake. This is particularly true if the snake is venomous. A glue trap is an effective method to relocate a snake without killing it. Scent lures in the box attract the snake to enter the box, where glue holds the snake in place. To release the snake into a different environment, spray the trap and the snake with cooking oil, which neutralizes the glue, allowing the snake to escape.

To catch a snake inside a house, isolate the snake to one room. If the snake is not venomous, lift the snake using gloves or blankets, place it inside a pillowcase, and release the snake in the desired location. If the snake is outside, use the same methods. Anyone undertaking this method of catching a snake must exercise care; almost all snake bites occur when a person tries to catch or kill the snake.

To discourage snakes from spending time around a house, make sure the environment outside is less conducive for snakes. Mow the grass short and neatly trim any gardens.

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