How Do You Trap a Live Chipmunk?


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To trap a live chipmunk, place two traps on the path the animal most often takes, bait the traps, let the chipmunk eat from the traps for a few days, then set the traps. Be sure you have placed the traps in a location where they cannot harm children and pets.

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  1. Place the traps

    Place two box, mesh or rat snap traps back to back on a path the chipmunk is known to take. Make sure the traps are positioned with the triggers facing opposite directions and in a place that is not used by children, pets or other wildlife.

  2. Bait the traps

    Bait the traps with something attractive to chipmunks, such as peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, raisins, sunflower seeds, cereal or meat . Do not set the traps, but keep baiting them for two to three days to make the chipmunk feel safe enough to completely enter and return.

  3. Bait and set the traps

    After two to three days, bait and set both of the traps. To increase the attraction for the chipmunk, place some additional bait at the entrances of the traps or right inside.

  4. Check the traps

    Check the traps regularly to see if the chipmunk is inside.

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