How Do You Trap Coyotes?

How Do You Trap Coyotes?

How Do You Trap Coyotes?

When trapping coyotes it is important that you use the proper trap. A trap should be big and fast enough to catch the coyote that sets it off. There are also regulations where traps can be set and what traps can be used to catch coyotes.

  1. Choose the trap

    According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, a No. 3 coil-spring trap with the jaw spread about six inches is ideal for trapping coyotes. Smaller traps do not hold as tight a grip on a coyote's leg and can be easier to escape. Larger traps need to have the force to break through the camouflaging dirt and underbrush to catch the coyote. Traps with smooth jaws are more humane and hold the foot more firmly than those with toothed jaws, so they are less likely to allow the animal to escape.

  2. Set the trap

    Look for old and fresh tracks when deciding where to set the trap. Coyotes often return to the same places they had passed through. High ground and the tops of ridges are favorite coyote haunting grounds and also an ideal location to set your traps.

  3. Follow regulations

    Consult your specific state's laws and regulations concerning when and where you may set traps. Other trapping regulations mandate how often you must check the traps, permissions from required agencies or property owners, what types of traps are used and what information must be tagged to the trap.