How Do You Trap a Beaver?


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Beavers can be trapped and kept alive using a spring-loaded cage. They can also be trapped using wire mesh wrapped around trees, but the beaver is unlikely to survive.

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Spring-loaded cages are referred to as clamshell traps. They are considered a type of live beaver trap. These traps are squares of metal fencing with an X-shaped platform in the middle. Springs are positioned on two ends of the platform. When the beaver travels over the platform, the springs activate. The trap snaps shut, leaving the beaver safely contained and ready for relocation.

Wire mesh traps are considered lethal beaver traps, but they prove to be impractical if a large area of land needs to be cleared of beavers. Instead, landowners choose to use drowning snares, leg-hold traps and body-grip traps. These traps are typically baited with a beaver that has already been caught. The scent attracts other beavers, which soon become ensnared as well. Traps are typically set in channels, small areas that are actively used by populations of beavers, or directly on or outside beaver mounds.

Frustrated landowners often resort to destroying beaver dens and dams as a means to remove them from their property. However, these efforts are often futile. If the area still contains viable food and trees, a beaver rebuilds its habitat in less than a day.

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