What Are Some Traits of Teddy Bear Puppies?

Teddy Bear puppies are cuddly puff balls that rarely bark, are hypo-allergenic, even-tempered and happy being laid-back or active. Their expected life span is between five and 18 years. As adults, they average 5 to 15 pounds in weight and 9 to 12 inches in height.

These puppies are also called Zuchons, Teddy Bear Zuchons or Shichons. The breed started in the United States and is the result of cross-breeding the Shih Tsu and the Bischon Frise. Their coats can be silky or curly and come in black, white, tan, apricot and red. Colors can be solid or a combination. As a hybrid, they don't have the health issues associated with the two purebred breeds.

Despite the long coats, Zuchons don't shed. Coats require regular brushing, every few days or so, to keep them from matting. If brushing is started when the Zuchon is still a puppy, it's a lot easier to get the animal to cooperate. Another option is to go with the teddy bear cut, where the body hair is trimmed short but the legs and face are left fluffy. This cuts down on brushing, but the coat needs trimming every six to eight weeks.

The even temperament makes this puppy easy to train and socialize. Zuchons love attention and play, making them suitable companions for children and the elderly. Though not a yappy breed, Zuchons do bark when someone comes to the door.