What Are Some Traits of the Silver Labrador?


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The most striking trait of a silver Labrador is the metallic grey shade of its coat. A silver Labrador can be thought of as a chocolate Labrador with the color dilution gene. It has a strongly built athletic body, broad head and strong jaw just like other labs. By nature, it is energetic, playful, friendly, intelligent and trainable. Of course, a dog's intelligence, and thus its being trainable for work, depends to some extent on the line it comes from.

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Generally silver Labradors have good stamina, energy, enthusiasm and retrieving skills. They also have kind, intelligent eyes, strong legs and shoulders. However, the purpose with which these dogs are bred has a great impact on their physical as well as intellectual make-up. Labs bred for hunting have a very highly developed sense of smell, slightly smaller heads and much more energy than those bred for shows. At the same time, Labs bred as family dogs are gentle and tolerant.

Understandably, a Lab coming from a bloodline of hunting dogs is easy to train for hunting work and retrieving game, whereas a dog from a bloodline of show dogs has all the features and characteristics needed to look beautiful and elegant.

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