What Are Some Traits of Purebred Boxer Puppies?

traits-purebred-boxer-puppies Credit: John Wright/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Purebred boxer puppies are friendly, clever and excitable. These traits carry over into adult boxers as well, making them good dogs for families with or without children.

Boxer pups are affectionate and friendly. They enjoy the company of humans, and they like to meet new people. As a general rule, boxers love children. These dogs and kids play together happily, and while boxers can be protective of children, they are also patient with them.

Boxers are clever dogs. The breed, developed in the 19th century, was used for a variety of jobs. Boxers worked as circus performers, cattle dogs, hunters and fighting dogs. Boxer puppies need to begin their training early. They can be stubborn, but this can be overcome with proper training. Exercising boxers is also important, as this breed has a lot of energy.

Boxer puppies tend to jump, wag their tails and bark when they get excited. Their gregarious behavior is what endears them to some people, and those qualities are evident in the breed from birth. A litter of boxer pups has endless energy, and the puppies play with anything. They often use food dishes as toys and bat them around in an almost cat-like manner. Because of their long puppy phase, which lasts up to three years, boxers tend to be excitable and playful longer than other dogs.