What Are Some Traits of a Husky and Akita Mix?


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Traits of a Husky and Akita mix - also known as a Huskita - include its large size and well-defined body. The Huskita's face is outlined by a short snout and a sturdy jaw. Huskitas are covered by a coat that is fluffy and medium length; their coats shed a lot, requiring above-average grooming.

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The Huskita is very powerful and strong, like both the Husky and the Akita. Huskitas sometimes have aggressive temperaments, especially when they are puppies. For this reason, they should not be around small children.

Another reason for this is that Huskitas have a pack mentality when adopted by families in which everyone in the household needs to be of a higher status than the dog in the family "pack." Huskitas tend to become very loyal to only a single owner. This makes them an ideal breed for those who live alone and desire a protective dog, as Huskitas are very territorial of what they perceive as belonging to them.

Huskitas are often energetic, but are also capable of relaxing with their owners. If the owner dislikes the mild aggression of the breed, it is possible to mitigate this by giving the dog special training.

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